Insights x Experience = Impact

About us and what we do

We are Sherpas. We serve as an extension of your organisation’s thinking, providing fresh perspectives and insights to help you reach and exceed your objectives. We’ll help you shape the strategy, support the implementation, fuel the performance of your brand and create new standards of excellence.

Our gauge of success is based on our relationships and evidenced by the long-term partnerships we uphold. By investing in these relationships, we cultivate sustainable future growth for your business.

The Journey

We guide companies to unlock new commercial opportunities by helping them Reimagine What’s Possible.

In the early 2000s, our founder Ben Rayner made a name for himself within the retail space by troubleshooting and turning around non-performing retail stores. He was able to see opportunities where others could only see problems.

These successes were recognised as he entered the world of advertising with CHS. A highly rewarding chapter of his career. Like many leadership roles in medium-sized enterprises, it was diverse. He had a solution-focused approach and he gained a deep understanding of client’s needs and the environments in which they operate.

Ben was pivotal in creating an environment of operational excellence to enable the organisation to deliver for its clients, mitigate the business from potential risks and build its reputation as the go-to agency for a growing list of household brand names.

The journey continued when he co-founded Zengility, creating professional services practices with Senior Executives from FTSE 100 businesses and other high-profile brands. The Zengility methodology helped individuals understand their asset value and take it to commercial reality.

Strategic Sherpas utilise three decades of expertise to help CEOs, founders and senior leaders Reimagine What’s Possible within their organisations. We are here to create value for you through performance improvement and prevention of unexpected consequences, in order to effectively achieve your objectives. This value creation is made possible through the provision of knowledge, guidance and implementation.

Strategic Sherpas can Reimagine What’s Possible and could be doing it for you. Please feel free to reach out to discuss how we can create value for you.

Showcase your ideas with clarity and clear direction.